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What do Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 followers mean?

TYPE 1 – Has bump on loading end and tail at the rear.  Bump is tactile indicator that you are touching the follower (out of ammo) and not a shell.

The tail is for stabilizing spring when you have a long mag tube. Springs will overlap coils and reduce or eliminate spring pressure. If you can stabilize the first couple of coils you get an overall stabilizing effect that stops the overlap on the rest of the spring. Tail also prevents tilt and jamin situations where mag tubes (not S&J) are manufactured with a gap between the extension and the magazine tube (poor quality control). S&J extensions have a chamfer at the join to avoid this.

TYPE 2 – Same as Type 1 but recess on face for even greater tactile indication that the mag is empty and you are feeling the follower and not a round.
TYPE 3 –  A duplication (and upgrade) of the OEM follower design. Spring rides inside the follower and it runs like the OEM, but with the advantages of the Delrin. It is also designed with rounded corners to avoid snags in times due to design or debris. Injection molded followers don’t have theses round corners of that size are expensive to do in injection molding.

What are the slots on the side for?

SIDE CUTS – Originally to get the follower past the detents on civilian model to limit the number of rounds the factory mag could hold. New advantages were quickly discovered.

Debris, dust etc can get past the follower now, as well as water, since it doesn’t have a hole, maintaining a clean mag. It also stops any air restrictions when operating in damp environments that might create a vacuum that impacts performance.


We are often asked if our made in North America body armour lines are NIJ certified. They are not.

They DO however meet and by far exceed the NIJ standard set forth by that organization.

S&J Hardware believes that soft and hard armour should be freely available to citizens, and that it should be an affordable item. In a world where we are becoming more and more disarmed, the last line of defence is often to hunker down and wait an indeterminate amount of time for Law Enforcement to arrive and settle the situation. We also strongly believe that Law Enforcement and other front line service workers that don’t have large budgets should be able to effective protect themselves on the job. 

NIJ is a for profit company that sets the standards, revises them and qualifies testing facilities to test body armour product to their standard. Companies send in samples of a specific product, and pay around $40,000 USD PER INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT LINE to have it tested and certified. NIJ regularly (about once a decade) updates the standard (a major one is coming next year) and all products have to be retested to that standard. If you have three certified products, that means $120k in retesting.

Our armour is tested at a facility in Ottawa Canada to the NIJ standard. We are NOT certified by NIJ, but all our armour meets, and again, BY FAR exceeds the NIJ standards.

So what does this mean for you, the consumer? It means that you don’t have to pay for us to be tested at NIJ and get certification. Thats the core reason behind the pricing on our armour. We do not compromise on quality. We have an in house engineer that works on our designs and close long term relationships with the suppliers and manufacturers we use to produce our armour products.

We stand by our beliefs and the quality of our products, and intend to continue to product the best possible armour products and the most accessible prices we can.

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