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This panel is multi-layer soft Kevlar rated to NIJ 06 Level IIIA stand alone.
Rated to top up to 220 grain JHP .44 magnum.
You are purchasing a set of TWO panels.

In addition to sending this armor for the rating S&J has tested this product  from 3 meters with multiple hits, at 0 degrees and 90 degrees of incidence.
  • 9mm 147 grain JHP
  • 45 ACP JHP 230 grain 

Some features of our custom blend of aramid fiber

  • Stiffer then standard LIII
  • Coated with a black poly finish to aid in water proofing
  • Finished with a nice thick nylon edge
  • Designed to back 10x12 inch hard armor plate
  • Rating is for stand alone.
  • 100% made in Canada