S&J Hardware has been in the manufacturing business for over 15 years now in Belleville, Ontario Canada. We are a 100% Canadian operation, utilizing Canadian partners in design, manufacturing and finishing of all of our products.

We are the number one manufacturer of shotgun parts in Canada. We make aftermarket upgrade shotgun parts for several brands of shotguns.

Our motto “Combat Competition Defence” is rooted in our commitment to our customers. Over the years our products have made their way into the lives of our customers on the job, at play and on their worst days, defending their lives and loved ones.

Each product we manufacture represents thousands of hours of real world R&D, countless tons of materials recycled into better versions, and an ongoing drive to make the perfect part even more perfect.

We perform gunsmithing and firearms customization for in Belleville, Trenton, Napanee and Kingston, and all over Canada via our mail in programs.

If your pursuit is perfection, we can help you get there.