SJ Custom 870 Series

S&J Hardware is known for taking in poor, disadvantage Remington 870 Series shotguns and giving them a new lease on life.

Our rehabilitation process not only brings these fantastic guns back to their former glory, but gives them the tools to go further in life.

Any operator would be proud to adopt one of our new go getter custom 870s shotguns.

Magpul Forend
Factory 14 inch Barrel
Cerakote Burnt Bronze
Police Extractor
S&J no jam mag follower and long life spring
S&J RH Shooter Single Point Sling Mount
S&J +2 mag tube with 3 Position Sling Plate
S&J 6 shot DSC Velcro Side Saddle OR Optional Aridus Side Saddle Sysytem
S&J Jumbo Safety

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