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  • CRKT Overland OD Green

    CRKT Overland OD Green

    The knife version of a 4x4.Inspired by the aesthetic of the classic crawling vehicle, the Overland™ outdoor folding knife is crafted to go off road. No matter if your camp kitchen is on a flat rock miles from anywhere or a picnic bench in the park,...

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  • CRKT Overland Compact

    CRKT Overland Compact

    The compact folding knife ready to tackle any terrain.It may be small, but just like the souped-up 4x4 rigs that inspired its name, the Overland™ Compact is overbuilt and ready to perform in the roughest conditions. It takes the design cues and...

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  • CRKT Padawan Black

    CRKT Padawan Black

    Never underestimate an apprentice.Introducing: the Padawan. Pedro Buzetti’s first design with CRKT, this capable folding knife is available in two versions. The 6075 was made for utility, with a Wharncliffe blade made from 14C28N steel and a G10...

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  • CRKT Fossil Brown

    CRKT Fossil Brown

    Makes All of your Other Knives Extinct.Brazilian genius Flavio Ikoma’s latest everyday carry knife looks like an artful prehistoric fossil with multi-colored G10 overlays and a hammered finished frame. He evolved the design from there with the...

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  • CRKT Pilar III Black

    CRKT Pilar III Black

    Where minimal design meets maximum utility.The Pilar® III transforms the minimalist’s sailor knife into a distinctly urban everyday carry folder while keeping the spirit of the classic and the epic tale behind its name. It’s still low...

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  • CRKT Provoke Black

    CRKT Provoke Black

    Serve. Protect. The Provoke® morphing karambit knife draws on ancient design but it’s hiding a futuristic secret. The first knife ever to feature Kinematic® technology, it stays neatly tucked away in transit and comes to life when...

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  • CRKT Razel Compact Silver

    CRKT Razel Compact Silver

    The perfect blend of form and function.The Razel® Compact takes designer Jon Graham’s fixed-blade knife and adds versatility while reducing size. Brutalist and elegant at the same time, the D2 steel blade balances Veff Flat Top Serrations®,...

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  • CRKT LCBK Black

    CRKT LCBK Black

    Raising the bar for everyday performance.The LCBK, or Lightweight Crossbar Knife, is a high-end everyday carry distilled down to the essentials. No gimmicks, no games—just quality materials and craftsmanship that give you everything you need and...

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  • CRKT Freya

    CRKT Freya

    An ancient high-seas design built for the backwoods.Over a thousand years ago a Norse weaponry designer created the Viking axe. That form has remained recognizable and largely unchanged ever since. For good reason. The Freya™ /fray-uh/ Viking-style...

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  • CRKT Chogan Hammer

    CRKT Chogan Hammer

    Half hammer, half axe.Fully built to withstand all tasks. Designed by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical, the Chogan™ Hammer splits the work of setting up your campsite in half. Both practical and tactical, this hammer axe combo chops all of the firewood...

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